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La série SyncRIDE est une série de documentaires autour de la moto qui comporte 7 réalisateurs, 7 motardes et motards et 7 routes incroyables qui célèbrent la valeur de la moto dans nos vies. Enjoy !

The SyncRIDE short moto-documentaries series features 7 Directors, 7 Riders and 7 Bikes on 7 incredible roads celebrating the value of motorcycling in our lives. Enjoy!

Sunday, Ride with Alex Crookes

Alex Crookes, CTO of EatSleepRIDE has been riding for just over 20 years, and he just wants to do more. Every year he challenges himself to go farther, and push his technical limits. He explains, "The West Ozello trail may not be long, but it’s a challenging and fun ride for anyone that lives in Central Florida." and it's a ride that he enjoyed repeating several times, not just to get all the great shots for the film, but because it's the kind of route that can be enjoyed over and again.

Saturday, Ride with Lanakila MacNaughton

Adri Law, fellow photographer and rider, tells Lanakila's story - from high school to present day. The world of motorcycling is where Lanakila focused her vision, and became founder of both the Women's Moto Photo Exhibit, but all the annual Dream Roll - a women's only motorcycle camping weekend.

Lanakila MacNaughton captures her own evolution against the backdrop of Portland's dramatic beauty, and playful footage of her vintage custom Harley winding along the way from dawn to dusk.

Friday, Ride with Josephine Flohr

Both Josephine Flohr and filmmaker Daniel Rintz have found their souls and their soulmates through adventure. Having met in the midst of solo travel, together they have conquered an incredible journey around the globe on their motorcycles.

This trip represents several days of riding north along the famous Garden Route to eventually conquer the difficult and breath-taking Sani Pass. Watch as they wind their way through challenging terrain to arrive to the top of the world.

Thursday, Ride with Michele Lupi

Life moves at high speeds for Editor-in-Chief of several prominent Italian style and design magazines. But on his bike, winding his way through the countryside between the two beautiful, historic towns of Varzi and Bobbio in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, is how this man of Milan regains calm. Even a recent accident couldn't keep Michele Lupi from showing off his favourite escape.

Wednesday, Ride with James T

James T started riding upon returned home from his tour of duty in Iraq as part of the US Marine Corps. On the road with his Honda Goldwing, he finds the same serenity and focus that he also gets from practicing yoga and meditating. Here he takes us on a sentimental journey along the same route he used to travel with his family when he was a boy, visiting his grandparents.

Tuesday, Ride with Erik Buell

Erik Buell rides on the road to relax. He builds motorcycles so that everyone can enjoy a better ride. Professionally and personally, Erik Buell does everything for the love of being on a bike. Buell takes us out in his native Wisconsin on his own 1190SX Superbike to find the focus that only comes from the road.

Monday, Ride with The Moto Lady Alicia Mariah Elfving

The Monday ride on Highway 33 takes us through Los Padres National Forest in Ojai, California with The Moto Lady, Alicia Mariah Elfving. Her moto-motto is reflected in her ferocious approach to life: "Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."- Hunter S. Thompson.

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