Blood & Oil

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Blood & Oil est un court-métrage qui parle des efforts passionnés, du désir, de la détermination et de la poursuite incessante que certains mènent pour voir se réaliser leurs rêves. Ce sentiment qui nous réveille au milieu de la nuit, l'appel à l'action qui coule dans nos veines. Peut importe ce que nous faisons ou qu'elle est notre passion, il est toujours possible de se remettre en question, de se développer et d'avancer encore.

Blood & Oil, c'est l'envie de créer, d'être attentif, d'être plus vivant encore. J'ai eu la chance de travailler avec des gens vraiment ambitieux et talentueux qui me poussaient chaque jour davantage. A ces gens, je dis un grand merci, et vous laisse avec les paroles prononcées dans le film.

Blood & Oil is a short film that speaks of the passionate efforts, the desire, the determination and the relentless pursuit that some lead to see their dreams come true. That feeling that wakes us up in the middle of the night, the call to action that flows through our veins. No matter what we do or our passion, it is always possible to question, develop and move forward.

Blood & Oil is the desire to create, to be attentive, to be even more alive. I had the chance to work with really ambitious and talented people who were pushing me every day more. To these people, I say a big thank you, and leave you with the words spoken in the film.

"The last of the embers cool in the waking dawn
as the silence echoes through the empty roads
and the beat of heavy hearts stir the morning air
The wasteland smiles, a grin tired and stretched too thin

Built on rotting soil the city starts to crack, the foundations perish and crumble
Trapped and left wanting, the weary stay hidden behind heavy doors and rusted locks
The undeserving cling to chances untaken
There is no escape

The darkness starts to build
I welcome the storm with my fists clenched, the aching seething from my bones
I cannot show you. I cannot take you with me
The course is already written
Moving in harmony, tracers strangle out the light
The consumption of every movement greedy and unsatisfied
From the wreckage the oil runs
Turning the blood of the fallen thick and black

Quiet is the pulse of the driven
Freedom is not levity, but the untold fight of the knowing
A force understood only by those who possess it
Dare to look up
Dare to breathe

To trust the hopeful and stack your spine

No need to call to the willing, they are already at your side
No need to call them brothers, they already share your fire
The crushing allure of pure acceleration
Chase it down
Chase it down"

Cale Glendening

Cet article a été rédigé par Stéphane Lhuillier et publié la première fois sur Virage 8 le 31 janvier 2014.